Baseball Boy! App Reviews

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Too many ads

I got the game and deleted it because it had WAY to many ads.


Too many adds, I know that’s your source of income but if you space them out more it wouldn’t be so bad


You can not play this game without a million ads popping up. After every single swing just expect an ad to pop up. Would not recommend downloading this game. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game just a heads up.

To many ads

Too many ads


If you don’t want ads just simply turn your WiFi off and boom, just a tip

To many ads

Way to many ads

So Much Ads!!!

Literally between every hit it plays an add!! This game is really fun and addictive but the greed gets in the way of the passion and ruins the fun! Shame on you VooDoo!

Won’t open

Ok so this app is like my favorite game but I haven’t played it in a month and I’m trying to play it but every time I click the app it loads then goes back to the home’s making me mad...I deleted the app the re downloaded it but it’s still doing the same thing

Potentially a Good App

I played this app for about a week, getting my stats up pretty high and getting all the bats / balls / characters my heart desired but really it just got boring. There’s almost no actual gameplay besides tapping to hit and tapping to bounce, maybe if more skill was involved and it didn't get to be so boring. also ADS!!!!!!


To many ads

Don’t waste your money

Fun game if you like ads. Once you get your strength so far you pretty much stop earning money. Just stay away from this game.

Final Fantasy

Great game until the final fantasy add comes on, then you’re F**ked

pretty dope

i love this game but i have to keep my phone in airplane mode just to play it without being bothered by ads every two seconds. also i ran into a glitch once where i couldn’t open it so i uninstalled and reinstalled the game and then all of my progress was gone. i was almost max level and now it’s just gone

Don’t do it

The game was ok that’s why it got one star but the ads make it not worth downloading. So if you want to watch a bunch of ads the download this game

Can’t even play because of ads

Fun game but there is an ad in between each round


Nothing but ads

Way to many adds

Way to many adds. Deleted the game because adds we’re annoying. Sorry. Your on to something here looks like a fun game but you ruined it with the adds.


I’m gonna keep this short, your game crashes alllllll the time, I hit a perfect? Crash! Left the game open while I went to a different game? Crash! I see a rhythm here and it’s annoying. Great game but terrible performance

Advertising Goldmine

It’s a fun quirky game that is easy to play and get into. There is not a lot to really do, which can get a bit tedious after trying to hit the ball for the 550th time. The gameplay is NOT what makes me uninstall this. The entire gameplay is overshadowed by intrusive ads. I understand you can purchase the ad free version, but this negative ad experience is above ANY other game that I have played. If the game is free, I can understand a few ads here and there, but like others have said an ad pops up pretty much 99% of the time. When the ball flies for about 20 seconds, and you have to collect the money, an ad pops up. Just due to the painful ads being thrust down the gameplay, pass on this one unless they relax this. If they do, they lose ad revenue which I doubt they will do. Too bad... cute game.


If you can make clickbait you can see Ali a


This game is addictive but every single time I click the collect button it takes me to an ad! Why does there need to be an ad after every hit?

Game of adds

7 seconds of play for 30 seconds of adds


No joke, no exaggeration. There is literally an add after every single hit you make. These are 30 second adds.... with SOME you can skip. Otherwise it’s a great game, but PLEASE, PLEASE tune down on all the adds!!!!

Aggressive advertising.

It’s like the predatory advertising equivalent of racketeering. They want you to pay $2.99 because the advertising is so obnoxious. Not because the game is quality. Don’t be their punk. Miss this

Bored quickly

The amount of Ads makes this unbearable without paying.

TatopotaoGANG !

Got this game to help out TATOGANG ! 🥔🥔

Makes me compete with myself

Very good for my competitive side

Fun, but way too many ads!

Every two hits you have to watch an ad. Regardless of whether you choose to watch one to double your coins. That is pretty lame.

To many ads

I understand free market and making money. But it’s like waaaay to many ads

Unlocked all the bats with in 2hrs of game time.

The game was fun and it was one of those games that made you want to play more and more. there just wasn’t enough things to unlock or upgrade. within two hours of game time over three days I’ve unlocked all the bats. was well over in the millions of dollars and thousands of diamonds. and once you unlock all the bats there is really no reason to play so I lost interest and I’m deleting it right after I post this message

Cant even play it😠

Game crashes every single time I try to open it. Really fun game, but it would be better if I could play it

Here we go

It’s a pretty good game but.... it literally shows you an ad every time you get out. Every.Single.Time. Like I get you guys are tying to make money but for real.. why? It’s so annoying and that is why I am giving this app a two star rating


Fun game but it’s overloaded with ads 😡

Ads a lot



Ads every 2 balls? Really? Its annoying


Just turn on airplane mode

Too many ads

Too many ads


Ads after every 2 hits.


Too many adds. I won’t be keeping this game.

Do NOT download game!!! Not worth it anymore

DON’T DOWNLOAD GAME!!! The offline earnings doesn't work anymore. A lot of the times when I watch the ad for double money it freezes and then I don't earn the money. At the beginning when I first played the game a while back if I didn’t want to double my collection I clicked collect and no ad. So you could go about 3 swings with no ads. So it made it fun and app still made money. Now no matter which you do you have to watch an ad. The wait time just bores you of the game really quick. Game isn’t worth playing at all anymore.

Too many ads

I love playing these games and it’s fun. But I’m not sure it’s worth $3 to unlock the ads. I don’t mind a few ads, but my goodness, I get an ad pretty much after every swing. Ruins the game for me.

I really like it BUTTTTTTTTTT

I really really like this game I’ve been playing it for a good week now. I’m at level 55 so I initially downloaded this game because in the add it said “can you reach to Disneyland” something like that, but it showed the castle and everything, so I’m just so confused was it a lie just to make people download the game? I feel like it is because no matter how far I go the scenery never changes it’s always the beach with the rocks the houses with the cars and the street and grass so I’m just kinda annoyed by that. It’ll be super fun if it actually had other sceneries please make me want to see more because if it’s the same thing every time it’s just like why play if I’m literally getting known were, you know there’s nothing exciting about that.

Too much garbage

An ad after every turn is ridiculous

I love it

I love this game it is very addictive and there’s nothing that can stop you from playing except adds but if you turn your internet of you won’t have to deal with adds #STICK TO NO ADDS

Could be a fun .... ad

This game could be really fun if here were not so many ads. I hit the ball. I’ll extend the money and saw an ad. Hit upgrade strength and then got another ad. When you have to watch an ad after every hit. At the beginning that’s an ad every 10 to 30 seconds. WAY TOO MUCH!!! Played this game for about 3 minutes and realized the money hungry developers just want to collect ad revenue.

Good times!

Great game , but I have no sound. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, but no sound.

So many adverts

Do you want to double your payout? Yes! watch an advert. No! Watch and advert anyway.

to many adds

other than that no bad

Good game but way to many ads

You want ads after every ball then play this game. I think for the 20 minutes I played I saw more ad time then play time. Could be a good game but not a chance in hell I’d pay for it after bombarding me with ads.


Do you like watching ads? GREAT! Then this game is the one for you. I think the developers made a small typo when typing in the name. They accidentally spelled baseball boy when it’s really AD SIMULATOR! So if you love having ads come up LITERALLY AFTER EVERY SWING then please come download this game. This is the best ad simulator game on the market today. All day you sit here trying to play a game. And you just X out ads the entire time. If you love getting frustrating with the pesky ads. Then please download AD SIMULATOR! Uninstalled.

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