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It’s fun


Too many adds.


I’d give 5 stars if they took away ads.

Game of watching ads

This game has little game play and you spend 90% of your time watching ads for little to no money. If that’s your thing, this games for you. Hit the ball for 10 seconds, watch an ad for 30 to possibly double the reward (if it gives you double), and the game lags like crazy when you hit a ball, so you don’t even get to see it fly. Game would be fun if it wasn’t just a money hungry developer like all the rest. I understand they make money off ads, but when you force players to watch so many they quit playing after a few tries, are you really making money? I’d watch a lot of ads if they worked and it didn’t force me to, but that’s not the case. ADS ARE MEANT TO BE A CHOICE! I quit your game!


Too laggy and too much ads


game is good but there are way too many ads


This game is so fun but it’s hard to start off

Too many ads

Would be a decent game if you didn’t have to watch a ad ever two seconds.


Ok mindless games, though the ads are really annoying! I understand it’s a free game, and that’s how profits are made, but getting an ad after just about EVERY time I hit the ball, or make an upgrade, makes me want to delete this game


Half of this game isn’t even a game it is the ads and they expect me to pay 3.99 to not see an ad every time I hit.

Insane Amount Of Ads...

A fun and addictive game, it’s very fun to upgrade, but I don’t get the point of this game. Every time you hit, collect, upgrade, level up, a dumb ad pops up and it usually takes a minute for the ad to load, then it plays for 30 seconds. What’s the point of this game if it’s just ads and more ads. The ads take the fun away from the game. Now I get, you can take an ad break here and there, but like not after everything you do. Without the insane amount ads, this game would be very popular. You would make more money, and be more famous. If you didn’t have an insane amount of ads, we’ll I wouldn’t be writing this angry review. I’m thinking about reporting this game for “spam” (if I can even do that lol) or just deleting it to not make me so angry. I am very outraged by the amount of ads. So I’m just going to tell to cut it with the crazy ads. It’s not just the amounts, it’s the ads! Some of the ads involved shooting, guns, violence, blood, and open cuts that may be inappropriate to some younger players. I’ll give you a tip. I’d delete all pop-ups, and keep the ones that are like “watch a short video for more coins or free upgrades” so not only will everyone would love this game, there would be a fair amount of ads. I must admit, there’s no point in this game if it’s just ads ads and more ads. So, I’ll give you a tip. Not as many ads, more amount of money. And I know all game company’s LOVE money. So please, please, PLEASE stop with the ads. Nobody likes them. Sorry but it’s true.

Ad removal

I love the game. So I paid the 2.99 for ad removal. Well I am still getting ads. Doesn’t make it as fun anymore when you are playing and know you just spent real money to remove ads and they pop up.

How to get embarrassed at work

Step 1) download this app Step 2) turn your ringer off, but forget your volume Step 3) watch a really loud ad that bypasses the ringer filter Step 4) hold a shotgun to your head and pull the trigger

Fun game excessive ads

Game is fun but with the free version there is an ad after pretty much every time you hit the ball... way excessive.


This game would be great withought getting a stupid as$ add every 10 sec and for that I uninstalled the game



Too many ads

Unless you’re willing to spend the $3 dollars to remove the ads, the game isn’t worth the time you wait on ads after every hit. (I double click home button and restart app after every hit)


So many adds makes you buy premium. I bought premium but that's beside the point.

No more ads

Literally ruins the game with so many ads get rid of that please you virgins. Thanks!

Too many freaking adds boi


Adds make game impossible to enjoy!

I have never played a game where there is adds after every game. Impossible to enjoy due to adds. Game would be great if you could play!


Best mini baseball game ever

Game is fun but sooooo many ads

Every time I play this game I have a good time but it’s so annoying to be able to play a fun game but every minute or two I get an ad. If they could decrease the ads that would be amazing.

Too much hassle to enjoy the game

The ads are destroying this game...

To many ads

To many ads

Add Machine

Way to many adds

The amount of ads are rediculous...

Way way too many ads, one after each pitch is just too much.

Baseball game

It is the best game it is really worth it it is also fun

The ads gotta go

I’ve been trying to get rid of the ads for an hour now, clicking the premium button does nothing.


Way too many ads! Every 5 seconds of game play brings another 5 second ad. Usually the same one, over and over. Makes the game un-playable for me!

My fav game

I love this game it is fun to learn the best things to hit the baseball with my level is 40 I love this game sooo much would recommend



Ads Galore

Jesus. This game has more ads in it then actual gameplay.

Good but Perfect isn’t so perfect

I am pretty far into the game really addictive and fun but,when you hit perfect you go far but then you hit certain things and go backwards.You can pass a level better on the Orange lines,Can you some how change that?


It’s a good time killer, I enjoy playing it. But there’s one thing that makes me wanna shoot myself. The ads, oh my god the ads. There is so many, everytime you hit the ball and collect the money...AD. And sometimes the ad won’t even close out forcing me to close the entire game. I understand ads here and there, but every single swing is just ridiculous.

Do stop making the adds play turn the cellular date app thing off


Full of advertisements.

You get to tap the screen once every few minutes and watch ads the rest of the time.


It’s sooo fun to play and I love it and well I just can’t explain how fun it is with words yasss


i personally hate ads because if you already have the game that’s on the ad you watch it over and over again every time i go to do something there’s an ad it just makes me frustrated

Them Adds Tho

There is an add like every 2 rounds and it is really annoying. Adds are the most handed thins and there is a lot fun game. Had it for 10 min (because of the adds) and in on the fish already but um fun game. 2 bad things a lot of adds and quick game. But it is a fun one


Swing the bat twice 2 ads. Repeat. Really!!?

Way too many ads

Literally after every 10 seconds of gameplay there is a 15 second ad. I would but the premium if they weren’t so aggressive in their ads. Will not support this developer.

take the adds out at least a little bit

would be a lot better if there wasn’t an add after every swing

Like ads?

Then this is the game for you!


Stupid addicting. Gotta hit it further!


why the hell can i break a car but not a tree? this game is actually butt please don’t install

it’s ok

This game would be an amazing game it didn’t have so many bugs! The game frustrates me more than words can say! I love the game but when I want my extra bounces they won’t let me. I thought it was my shattered screen but I got it fixed and it still does it which is very disappointing. Please fix the app this was my favorite game.

Too much

Love this game, but there are way too many ads interrupting play. A fewer interruptions would make this game more fun!

ADs are annoying AF

Way toooo many ads... every once or twice you hit... well an AD!!!! I don't get it irrrrr fix it

Love it 😍

I love this game so much

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